Robert Woods experienced a first he'd rather not have Sunday against the Miami Dolphins at Ralph Wilson Stadium -- getting tossed from a football game.

Woods was ejected in the third quarter of Buffalo's 19-0 victory after throwing a punch at Dolphins safety Reshad Jones at the conclusion of a play.

"Of course you shouldn't throw a punch in a football game, but if you're playing outside the rules, sometimes you got to be a man," Woods said. "I learned my lesson and just can't do it again."

Prior to being ejected, Woods had three catches for 70 yards, including a career-long 57-yarder.

"In talking with Robert, obviously there is a great appreciation for his intensity and how he goes about his business and how he practices and plays," coach Doug Marrone said. "He’s an intense individual. I think any coach would appreciate that. There comes a time -- and Robert is mature enough to know -- that you just can’t do those things and put your team in jeopardy. He understands that and that’s the type of talk that we’ve had."

Marrone said he wouldn't be surprised if the league took further disciplinary action against Woods.

On the play prior to being ejected, Woods was blocking Jones on the opposite side of the field from a Buffalo run.

"He ran to the flat and ran away from the play which was something weird," Woods said. "He felt it was necessary to push me after the play was over, throw me over the pile and I threw the punch.

"I don't know where his actions came from, but actually he cheap-shotted me last time we played as well. But I didn't know it was him. It was just one of those things where I guess that's how he plays."