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Jairus Byrd calls Saints 'great opportunity to join a championship organization'


The New Orleans Saints' website has posted a statement from newly signed safety Jairus Byrd:

"I first want to thank the Buffalo Bills organization and the great fans of Buffalo for their support during my time there.

"I think there are great things to come here in New Orleans, and I'm excited to join this team. We played against the Saints this year and I saw their style of play and was impressed by it. I think I will fit well in the scheme.

"This is a great opportunity to join a championship organization. I look forward to meeting my new teammates and being part of a great Saints defense."

  • WHAT?

    Surprised? He's made it pretty evident for a while that he wanted out. I guess when a player hires Eugene Parker, that's what he'll get.

    • Hal Jam

      I predict Byrd will win as many championships as Jason Peters: zero.

  • Derek Brown

    Welcome to New Orleans, JB...The Dome is an awesome place to play..72 degrees year round and some of the best fans in the league. WHO DAT

    • GD

      You gonna get to know DAT DAT Planter Faciitis DAT Byrd gonna get in DAT feet next season!! He's good for three games next year....enjoy

    • Hal Jam

      Your stupid team just gave a safety $9million a year. $28 million guaranteed? How's that's going to work out? Maybe when you're down by 30, because your whole team has been gutted to pay his salary, Byrd will pick off a ball or two.

  • Hal Jam

    A "championship organization" that won't win another one with dumb moves like this. Anyone remember how many championships the Bills won with Byrdie? And the Bills never wasted $9 million a year in cap space on him! So glad Bills dodged this bullet.

  • LondonCalling

    The Bills and Whaley were bullied on this one. They should have tagged him another year. Everyone is saying it is too much to pay, but the fact is that the Bills never spend near the cap and have plenty of room. Who cares if they over pay. From a fans point of view we lost a person who can help us with a championship and we will not be as good without him. Doesn't mean that we can't win one, but our chances just went down.. Who knows, maybe this year will be our chance. Nobody knows so I would want him around as long as wee could keep him and we had the opportunity to sign him for one year but lost it. Parker bullied the Bills by saying "we won't talk with you unless you announce publicly that you will not tag Jairus". Yeah right. they had no interest in talking with us.

  • Bills fan

    Byrd will be a loss for the Bills but not that big of a loss. The money he wanted would have been too much for the Bills, they already pay Mario Williams a lot. Besides I would much rather have them spend the money on Hughes and the pass rush so that they can get away with an average safety, rather than depend on Byrd to snare a pass once in a while to give them the ball back. The Bills will spend the money this year to get better because the team prospects with Marrone are looking good so far. There is hope, and they will spend to make it to the playoffs at least but they will spend smartly.

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