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Jim Kelly will not have surgery; will treat cancer with chemotherapy and radiation


Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly's wife, Jill, has posted an update on his condition on her Facebook page this afternoon.

Jill Kelly said that after consultation with doctors here and in New York City, Jim Kelly will not undergo surgery, but instead treat his cancer with chemotherapy and radiation.

The complete, unedited message:

"Had to share this picture of Jim hugging his dad.
Plans and protocol have changed - but no plan and purpose of God's can be thwarted!

This we KNOW to be true.

First of all, thank you for walking along side us, lifting us up in prayer, loving us, and hoping.
This is what we cling to...our HOPE in the God who is greater than all - who knows what we don't, who created the heavens and the earth as well as the
intimate details of the seen and unseen.

He is our Hope!
Beyond the doctors, medicine, treatments, surgery - God is our ever present HOPE, Help, and Healer!

There's been a lot that has been said so we thought it would be best to clarify.
At this point and time surgery is not the best option for Jim.
Because of complexity and aggressive nature of this cancer and after more scans and tests, the plan has changed.

At this point, Jim will not be having surgery. The cancer is in areas that surgery cannot successfully eradicate. Therefore, the medical specialists here in NYC along with our Buffalo team believe that chemotherapy and radiation are the best option.

If you've dealt with cancer you know that you never really know for sure what each moment will hold.
But..Praise God. We are held in the Strong Mighty hands of an Unchanging God.

Thank you for your continued prayer support.
I will share updates as we move forward - ready for this battle waged against us.
If God is for us.who can be against us!"

Jill Kelly's Facebook page can be found here.


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  • BigTexas210

    Hang tough and keep fighting, Jimbo. You're one of the toughest athletes I have ever known.

  • Bill Morgan

    Hang in there

  • ambermhealy

    We're all rooting for you!

  • jack

    The Toughest Irish SOB.... ever!!!!!! You got this! Good Luck Jim

  • j,peter

    I feel sorry Mr Kelly but enough is enough. Do you know how many Children are at Roswell in worse condition. The poor parents need more then prayers they are struggling financially everyday so they can be with their children because they are so scared. Mr Kelly can afford to fly anywhere to get the best treatment money can buy and not worry one moment about making mortgage payments, and all the other bills to keep a home in most cases for their other

    • TheCommonSenseOne

      I'll never understand why anybody who's uninterested in an article's topic or feels it gets too much coverage, such as j.peter about Mr. Kelly's health updates, will nevertheless voluntarily choose to click on it anyhow and then complain that it was written.

      Bizarre behavior when there's many dozens of other reports about other topics each and every day in the Buffalo News from which those folks can choose to click on.

    • david6380

      What support networks are you a part of? I tried Children's Hospital (now W&C Hospital) but it was too much for me. Whatever you can do to help anyone else is a blessing, even if you might not always want to, because they might have a lot of money.

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