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Jim Kelly attends Knicks game in New York City


Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly was seen Friday night attending the Knicks game in Madison Square Garden in New York City. A picture of Kelly and his family was flashed on the Jumbotron in the arena for all who were attending the game to see. In this AP photo, he is seen giving the thumbs-up to supporters.

Jim Kelly said Friday night that he's "praying for a miracle."

And he has a message for fans: "Thank you guys and continue to pray," the Hall of Fame quarterback told MSG Network's Jill Martin during an interview at Friday's Knick's game at Madison Square Garden.

Kelly attended the Knicks game during a night out from the hospital in New York, where is awaiting chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer.

"It makes me feel good that there's so many people praying for me out there," Kelly said. "My big battle starts Monday when I go and start my radiation and chemo, and I hope, when it's all over, they get everything. But right now we're praying for a miracle."

Asked how he felt, Kelly told Martin: "Sometimes good, sometimes bad, and I probably shouldn't even be here tonight."

Kelly said he brought his daughter to the game as a surprise for making the dean's list.

Kelly's chemotherapy and radiation treatment will take place at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan. His treatment was postponed a week due to a fever. Kelly's brother, Dan, said earlier in the week that the accelerated regimen of intense radiation and chemotherapy will last seven weeks.

  • Guest

    Mr. "I want to stay below the radar" NOT!!! He wants (NEEDS) the attention for his ego.

    • Austin Hood

      Why do you begrudge Jim Kelly going to a game before the start of his chemo and radiation? I'm sure that after Monday he is not going to be a happy camper for a long time.

      Let him enjoy the game and a few moments in the public eye. On Monday morning he will be in the fight of his life.

      • Guest

        I don't begrudge him anything. All I'm saying is that HE is the one who is drawing the attention to himself while saying that he doesn't want any attention. He has to feed his gigantic ego on a regular basis. It has to be all about him!!

        • Austin Hood

          Let him have his moment before he starts his chemo and radiation. If it makes him feel better what do you care?

        • Al

          What a small narrow minded person you must be. In your mind he left the hospital with his daughter to get attention. I didn't think stupid ran this deep but you prove it does.

  • guest

    Wow! How insensitive! I guess you've never had cancer before you nitwit. Well I've had it twice and this maybe the last time he ever goes out or leaves the hospital. How callous of you. This maybe the last good memory his daughter has with him! I don't care what you think of him personally.

    • Guest

      I, too, am a cancer survivor. I DO NOT crave attention. I am not insensitive!! Kelly has to feed his ego regularly. Last week he said that no 'normal' person could handle what he's going through. I have news for him. MANY 'normal' people have done it (including me). And we just go on about our business without a lot of hoop-la. He's an ego-maniac.

      • Rich M

        Maybe you should thank the good lord for your recovery. It's a horrible disease and ANYONE who has it deserves all of the prayers and support they can get, including you. I'm sure every time you get through another scan and are clean there is a sense of relief. That in itself is why I'm happy for you. Share that same feeling by showing it.

      • Sweethome

        He ended the interview with "I am blessed." Enough said

  • guest

    Unfortunately he is a personality. Some blonde chick comes up to him with a microphone and what is he supposed to say "get the h___ out of here and the rest of you mothers stop sending me prayer wishes". Get real. Sounds like you have an ax to grind because he has cancer and everybody wants to know about it and nobody wants to know about ours.


    More chemo and radiation. Same old toxic treatments whether in Buffalo or New York City.

  • HarleyRider77

    Being in jis position over the years, yes, one can grow an ego, but, Besides doing this with his family, he is showing all cancer patients not to give up and enjoy every pary of life. Good luck Jimbo...always #12!!!

  • Gordon Theodore Emerson

    What happened to my lengthy message?

  • Gordon Theodore Emerson

    My message wasn't posted. I hoped that someone at the paper or reading the comments would be able to reach Jim.

  • op kid

    Why wasn't he in Buffalo for ralphs memorial ?

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