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Halfway through cancer treatments, Jim Kelly emerging from the pain


Jim Kelly's journey will continue to encounter peaks and dips.

The past few days reminded his family of that.

The Buffalo Bills' Hall of Fame quarterback returned to ECMC on Sunday because chemotherapy and radiation treatments have weakened his body. Even so, that's a welcome trade for the excruciating pain cancer was causing inside his head.

"He's doing pretty well," Kelly's brother, Dan Kelly, said this afternoon. "He's past the midway point of his treatments, and his pain has reduced significantly."

On the pain scale, Jim Kelly said he consistently was at a 10 around the time it was revealed his cancer had returned. Dan Kelly noted the pain has decreased lately to a two.

"We don't know if the cancer is retreating," Dan Kelly said, "but it's a good sign."

Dan Kelly said his brother expects to return home Tuesday.

"Chemo is tough, but Jim is a tough son of a 'B,' too," Dan Kelly said. "We know it's supposed to get tough before it gets better."

As far as the Bills' future is concerned, Jim has been monitoring the ownership situation more.

"We definitely will be involved somehow," Dan Kelly said. "We've been approached by several different groups. We're not making any commitments to anybody yet, but the No. 1 priority is that the Bills stay in Buffalo."

  • Hal Jam

    I hope Jim Kelly has access to medical marijuana. It's the only thing that relieves the nausea with chemo, according to my neighbor who had ovarian cancer. She was reluctant at first, but was convinced by her support group. Said it made all the difference.

    • Guest

      I'm sure he has access to all the marijuana he wants. As well as any other drugs of choice.

      • sgt.major58

        As does anybody in America

      • Guest

        Marcell Dareus -- 'nuff said

      • Guest

        and the $$'s to get them!!

  • great fan

    when is the jim kelly love fest going to stop? enough already.

    • smokyerbuttbbq

      Anyone forcing you to read this article

      • great fan

        It's no longer newsworthy.

        • John Rivera-Greene

          Its newsworthy as long as people keep wanting to read about it. If you don't care, don't read. Ironic that your screen name is "great fan"

        • Camp14214

          It appears to be worthy enough for you to read it and comment. Compassion is an adult emotion. Get it.

    • Frank Buxton

      Jim Kelly was part of the WNY fabric. He was a constant in the media locally and nationally for 10 yrs. He helped bring a bright lite to shine on Buffalo. Hundreds of thousands of people locally and millions across the country know of him for his prowess on the football field. For this he will always be relevant.

      • danny boy

        He brought all the attention?
        or...losing 4 Super Bowls in a row ?

        • Jamie Rozek

          How many other teams were good enough to make it 4 years in a row?

          Such a lame argument. I always have to make fun of the people that try to use it.

    • Jamie Rozek

      When are nasty people going to stop wasting their time commenting on something they claim to not care about? Enough already.

  • sarfts

    Hang Tough Jim, We are praying For You and ALL cancer patients.

  • Camp14214

    Great old commercial from the Kelly era:

  • HarleyRider77

    #12 Always!!!

  • Ed Smith

    ? Are you drunk?

  • buildersent

    Wow, we get to hear once again how tough good 'ole #12 is. Is there anything this family won't do to keep their name in front of the public?

    The whole bunch of them are arrogant and they need to just go away. He never wanted to play in Buffalo and avoded it until there was no other way to get a paycheck.

    How will they leverage this to get publicity and "raise money" for their foundation? Ribbons with a football on them? #12 stickers? A parade into the stadium for another hurah? I bet all 3.

    • Jamie Rozek

      Arrogance is getting on the News and making nasty comments about someone and their family that wouldn't dare be said face to face. That's arrogance. And cowardice.

      Like it or not, people in this town love the Kelly family, appreciate what they do for the area, and appreciate the updates. It's not like you can just call and ask how he is doing.

      • buildersent

        I and many others really don't care how he is doing. It would be great if nobody had cancer, it has to be terrible on his family. The guy and his family were arrogant when a player, arrogant in retirement and it never ends. The kelly's have never done a thing for Buffalo. Anyhting they do is fort he kelly clan and so many in buffalo are starved for something good they falsely believe it is for Buffalo.

        I say go away kellys. Please, go back to Pennsylvania so we can avoid the upcoming self created circus when you start the fundraising and the media blitz. You and I both know it is going to happen.

        • Ed Smith

          I agree totally and to be totally clear and up front I would in fact say anything I want to his face or yours Jamie

        • MaineTracks

          Your ignorant and irresponsible opinions would be more readable if you had passed English 101 (which I believe includes spelling). Jealousy is a foundation of hatred...try saying a prayer tonite for yourself and those that embrace goodness and compassion.

          • buildersent

            I have compassion for anyone that is ill. A bit judgmental huh? I however have no tolerance for arrogant self centered individuals who are phoney and who's sole purpose is to promote themselves. Wait and see, the kellys will find a way to cash in on this. Selling ribbons, pins, buttons and the money will no doubt go in part to their personal foundation/non-profit.

  • Please, Say it ain’t so!

    NEWS FLASH. Jim Kelly farted today. The first good fart since he started his treatment. And his family said: "It didn't stink. But we knew all along that it wouldn't. After all, he's a Kelly"!

    • MaineTracks

      Wow, you certainly are a jealous, ignorant loser. If you have any friends, they must really appreciate your understanding and compassionate opinions. Go have another drink, and don't forget to kiss your mom goodnight before you pass out!

      • Please, Say it ain’t so!

        Jealous?? Why would I (or anyone, for that matter) be jealous of these egotistical, headline seeking maniacs?

  • APT

    Are you kidding me! If you don't like to hear about it don't read or listen to it. I am disgusted by this type of behavior. If your a Bills fan or not keep your comments to yourself you look ignorant and stupid.

  • T-W-I-T-T-E-R

    Interesting to see some of the negative Kelly commnets here. These are the same people who sent Bruce Smith racist letters back in the day right? Seriously, if you dont like Buffalo, or your neighbors, or your life, please leave the area so we can save on welfare costs.

  • jpjazz

    I for one look forward to the Kelly updates. The News has to it put something to attract readers and it sure beats more corruption and murder stories!

  • Please, Say it ain’t so!

    Just saw the morning edition of the Snews. This story is the top story of the day!! WOW.

  • sgt.major58

    I see there are quite a few Troll's here it's unfortunate by product of today's society, I have found that if BS like them they or just ignore the Troll and they look for someone else to HATE on.

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