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New Bill Sammy Watkins: My mentality is to score every play

New Bill Sammy Watkins: My mentality is to score every play Sammy Watkins is introduced at One Bills Drive today with, from left, Bills head coach Doug Marrone and general manager Doug Whaley and Bills president and CEO and Russ Brandon, right. (John Hickey/Buffalo News)


New Buffalo Bills receiver Sammy Watkins expressed his joy at being drafted fourth overall and talked about his amazing run-after-catch ability upon being introduced today at One Bills Drive.

"It’s the best moment of my life right now," Watkins said. "It’s a great accomplishment. I’m proud to be a Bill. I can’t wait to get it started."

Watkins led all top receivers in college football last season by averaging an amazing 10.2 yards after the catch per reception for Clemson. He had 101 catches fro 1,464 yards.

Of his 27 career receiving touchdowns, 21 came on plays of at least 25 yards. In his dominant Orange Bowl performance against Ohio State this year, 202 of his 227 receiving yards came after the catch.

"My mentality is to score every play, that’s mentality – to score," Watkins said. "Catch every ball that touches my hands and to create a problem for the defense. To make the defensive coordinator to think hard, to make him double guard me. That’s my job, to dominate cornerbacks, safeties, defense, linebackers. That’s what I take pride in, scoring all over the field. I can play X, Y, Z, kick return, punt return. I’m willing to sacrifice everything to win."

"God just blessed me with that unique talent," Watkins said. "Over the years I’ve trained to get faster. I’ve trained to know how to run. It was a privilege, going to Clemson. They got me the ball a lot of different ways, with smoke screens, with getting a lot of guys in front of me blocking. It was a privilege playing with those guys."

Watkins said he's driven to succeed in the NFL.

"I’ve just got to work," he said. "I’ve got to come here and be focused. I’m ready to start with the team. I’ve got to be ready to work and learn."

"Throughout my whole life I’ve been having high expectations of myself, and from my coaches, my parents, my peers also," he said. "For me it’s to keep doing what I’ve been doing and that’s working hard, being a great citizen and just translate that to this team, to the Buffalo Bills. I’m 100 percent committed to the game."

  • Jamie Rozek

    I'm excited to see this guy play in the NFL. Looking forward to training camp and the upcoming season! Go Bills!

  • Tigrrrl

    I promise you, you're going to LOVE Sammy! It's been a privilege to watch him at Clemson. And Sammy and C.J. Spiller in the same offense will be AWESOME!

  • AJ

    Trading a first round pick when you have an unproven QB does not seem too smart. What did EJ do last year that would make management think this guy is the answer at QB? The Panther game was good but the Tampa game, the accuracy issues, and all the injuries are some serious red flags. Considering the QB class next year should be strong this deal seems a bit desperate by guys who need to impress their new boss rather than building the roster with your own picks and see, this season, if EJ is your future franchise QB.

    • nflworstteam

      totally agree. looks a reach, and you don't give up a number 1 pick for receiver, a franchise QB, then ok. It is a huge risk to take, when the bills don't have a QB.

    • Dave Todaro

      "This deal seems a bit desperate by guys who need to impress ther new boss rather than building the roster with your own picks and see, this season, if EJ is your future franchise QB."

      The Bills are doing pretty much exactly what you say they should be. First pick is the best wideout in the draft, second pick a bookend OT. The decision to unload Stevie, whose clutch drops over the years directly resulted in half a dozen losses (last year the first NE game, then Atlanta). So they traded up to get the pick for Watkins. They were in the draft room having the conversations; we weren't. They wanted Watkins to help give EJ every chance to succeed . Maybe he won't but at least the Biils are drafting as though they have a plan. And not every great QB career starts with a great rookie season or first season as a starter. For every Colin Kapernik or Dan Marino I'll give you a Joe Montana or Terry Bradshaw, both of whom who were booed off the field by their own fans. Check out how many rings those two guys combined for. I'm not saying EJ is in their class, all I'm saying is it's way too early to say EJ can't be the guy and at least we're trying to surround him with good pieces on offense.

  • Gerald Frys

    Let him room with Spiller. Spiller's done all that is expected of him.

  • jk

    Totally disagree with the post below...As a Bills fan I want the team to win and be entertaining now...I, for one, do not care about a first round pick "next year." I see that as defeatist thinking. Lastly, If people have questions about EJ, that's fair. However, this year is the defining year now that he has two solid WRs (including Robert Woods-with whom he has great chemistry.)

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