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You make the call: Did the Bills do the right thing by trading 2015 No. 1?


  • Carole McNall

    Too early to tell -- the answer will be more clear halfway through the season.

  • George Winston III

    It appears the Bills could have selected one of the top three tackles with the #9 pick, selected a talented receiver in Rd 2, finished the draft in much the same fashion and STILL had a number one pick in 2015. There were many talented receivers in the first and second round.

    • WHAT?

      Yes, all of that is true. However, many believe that playoff wins come when a team has a player that teams can't stop. No, it didn't work in the OJ era, but it does happen. The Bills are gambling that Watkins is that good. They aren't the only ones that feel that way, with some calling him the best receiver drafted in the last 10 years. It's impossible to say right now, of course.
      I agree that there has been a huge amount of gambling done by this team in the last few months. Mike Williams, (obvious) Chris Williams (a former very high draft pick that washed out at tackle, some say he was still terrible at guard. St. Louis's line last year was a weak point, and some say he was the bottom rated player) His talent and physical skills are obvious, his heart isn't. Cyrus Kuoandijio, obvious first round talent (but possibly off 20 teams list due to knees) Preston Brown, a high production player (who has obvious pursuit problems) Seantrel Henderson, another obvious first round player talent wise. Fortunately only a 7th wasted. My big concern, how many drug users (him with Dareus and Williams) can you have on one team before they start getting each other in trouble? The trade for Bryce Brown? a guy with extremely limited football experience, potential fumbling problems. Also looked like an all-pro at times, with DeSean Jackson predicting he would start for the Bills.
      So every thing is high risk, high reward. I doubt it will all fail, but wow.

      • George Winston III

        Well said, knee problems, pursuit problems, trading for problem players, a player with a history of fumbling, and other players having drug problems. Sounds like the making of a winning team now that you mention it! I also agree Sammy Watkins is the real deal BUT we have an iffy quarterback at best. And even when he shows some flash, he is subject to being injury prone. Conventional wisdom would indicate that no matter how good Watkins maybe, if the QB can't deliver the ball on target, we may never know. I just changed my grade for the Bill's draft to a "D."

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