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Biased Packers CEO Mark Murphy would vote against Bills move, even to Toronto


ATLANTA -- When it comes time for the NFL to vote on the Buffalo Bills' next owner or whether the team will move, Bills fans would need nine owners to block anything undesirable.

Fans will be pleased to know they already have one of those nine votes line up.

Mark Murphy, the Green Bay Packers' president and CEO, is admittedly biased. He's from Clarence and believes the Bills must stay in Western New York.

"I will do everything I can to keep the team in Buffalo," Murphy said this afternoon at the NFL's spring meeting in Atlanta. "I think it means so much to that community, very similar in some ways to what the Packers mean to Green Bay."

Murphy votes for the Packers, who are publicly owned.

Murphy was a Pro Bowl defensive back for Washington before earning his law degree from Georgetown. He was athletics director at Northwestern and Colgate, his alma mater, before joining the Packers.

He's optimistic about the Bills' future.

"I am a Bills fan, although I can't really be," Murphy said with a laugh. "I think they are in very good hands. All of the moves they've made are the right ones with regionalization. The only thing that has been lacking for them has been consistent success on the field.

"But the fan base speaks for itself. It's pretty passionate.

"I think they'll find an owner with Western New York roots and keep the team in the area. I think the Bills are going to thrive in the future."

Asked about the idea of Toronto, Murphy paused a few seconds before he answered.

"Uh, no," Murphy said. "I wouldn't be supportive of that."

Toronto technically is Bills home territory because it's within a 75-mile radius of Ralph Wilson Stadium.

The Packers used to split their home games between Lambeau Field and Milwaukee.

"Toronto is different," Murphy said. "It's a whole country away. It wouldn't feel right."

  • disqus_MnF3GrDEIj

    You're a gentleman and a scholar, Mr. Murphy! I hope there's enough of an old school contingent to block a move - this guy plus the owners of the Chiefs, Steelers, Giants, Raiders, Detroit, Chicago is a pretty good start towards 9 to block a move. Just two more needed.

  • Kerhs

    Ralph Wilson Stadium. Built August 17, 1973

    Declared not feasible to keep Bills in Buffalo even with updates according to Goodell.

    Laubeau Field. Opened
    September 29, 1957

    Somehow still possible to update over the years to be competitive venue for an NFL team.

    Maybe Mark Murphy should help the Bills out and tell Goodell to go $*%( himself for the double standards in regards to stadiums.

  • Kerhs

    ""Toronto is different," Murphy said. "It's a whole country away. It wouldn't feel right."

    And according to an estimate via Google......1 hour 41 minutes.......less than a day's road trip away isn't far.

    If there is ANY possibility of a move to Toronto happening you best do it in collaboration with the Toronto Argonauts who are about to move out of the Rogers Center.

    Lest this turn into another relocation empty threat of "Ermaigawd the Bills are moving to Hamilton maybe."

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