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Buffalo Fan Alliance adds 3 more HOFers to advisory board


Buffalo Bills Pro Football Hall-of-Famers Joe DeLamielleure, James Lofton and Billy Shaw, along with Buffalo developer Rocco Termini, have joined the Buffalo Fan Alliance advisory board, the group announced today.

The alliance aims to raise money among fans to help a new owner keep the Bills franchise in Western New York. The group has proposed raising between $100 million and $170 million from fans, who could pay anywhere from $100 to $10,000 apiece. That fund then would be offered interest-free to someone buying the team and pledging to keep it here, creating an incentive worth around $10 million per year for a new owner.

Bills Hall of Famer Andre Reed was among those previously named to the advisory board.

The alliance plans to add two fans to its advisory panel. They will be appointed via social media.

The BFA also announced an online open letter to the NFL to illustrate not only Bills fan support to the NFL for a  long-term stadium resolution, but national support that Buffalo expatriots can demonstrate, along with other fan bases, for keeping the Bills in Buffalo. The letter is available on its website, for fans to sign.

“Dealing with a long-term solution for the stadium issue is critical to keeping the Bills in Buffalo and it’s important we demonstrate to the NFL, and anyone considering buying the team, that support runs deep to keep the Bills right where they belong – in Western New York,” said Matt Sabuda, one of BFA's directors. “Joe, Billy, James and Rocco are great additions to an All-Star team. Our advisory board is really shaping up as a powerhouse of influencers who care deeply about protecting the Bills in Buffalo. We couldn't ask for a better group of people to be leaders in this effort."

  • WeAreTheNormal

    I applaud Matt Sabuda and the alliance's effort to keep the team in Buffalo. I do want to see the Buffalo Bills remain, well, the Buffalo Bills. I do find it appalling that fans will donate money to the likes of a Donald Trump to ensure the team stays, in addition to shelling out taxpayer money for a new stadium. How much more can the common man be expected to pay? This is nothing more than the rich get richer. We are just giving them our money. Sorry, but I won't be a part of it.

  • e.c. taxes

    Agreed, Let the millionaires, and has- beens pay for a new stadium, tired of these people,let the 50- 65,000 that go to the games 8 times a year and screw up the town pay for it

  • Otis

    How about they just use that money to buy tickets. Would have the same effect and be a lot less trouble.

  • David Nagel

    i agree that i don't understand the point of this endeavor. Even though I no longer live in the Buffalo area, I have supported the Bills as much as many others(now 50 years), but i wouldn't spend my money on this. With that said, It is always entertaining to hear the "common folk" ridicule the wealthy. While it is popular to criticize the rich, most would gladly be in their shoes. Most of the wealthy in this country started out humbly and achieved their wealth through hard work, ingenuity, a bit of luck, and hard work. Did I say hard work? That is called the American dream. As a reward for their efforts, they pay far more for just about everything in our culture than others less fortunate. They paid more than their fair share for the current stadium, and will do so for any future stadium. Their actions will have more to do with whether the Bills stay in Buffalo than those of others. It would be nice to hear someone give thanks to them for the opportunities they allow others rather then senseless ridicule. I do believe the wealthy have the responsibility to not abuse their position, however. The NFL clearly does this. They do not need these extravagant stadiums. They do not need to charge extravagant rates to their fans. Do the Bills really need a new stadium? My answer is no, but my best Bills memories were at the War Memorial. I no longer support this nonsense. I vote with my dollars by no longer going to games. Sorry.

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