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Bills DT Marcell Dareus' absurd behavior is obnoxiously redundant


So what should the Buffalo Bills do with defensive tackle Marcell Dareus?

He's a great player. His peers voted him 62nd for the NFL Network's "The Top 100 Players of 2014" list.

He also has become a seemingly incurable headache.

Buffalo News reporter James Staas broke the story this afternoon that Dareus was arrested Friday for three misdemeanors and four traffic violations stemming from a car race last week in Hamburg.

One of the charges was leaving the scene of a property-damage accident.

This happened a couple days -- a couple days -- after Dareus spoke to reporters for the first time since last month's felony arrest in Alabama for possession of synthetic marijuana and said this about his standing with Bills:

"They believe in me. They know that I'm not a trouble guy. They know I'm not the type of person that's trying to look for any trouble. I'm not trying to do anything. Things happen and we're moving forward and they know I'm going to grow into the guy they want me to be."

Dareus was pulled over for speeding and charged with possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

Those charges alone could lead to an NFL suspension.

Dareus went to his first Pro Bowl last season, but even that was marred by behavior that drew team discipline.

Bills coach Doug Marrone benched him for the first quarter of the home finale against the Miami Dolphins for showing up tardy to team meetings.

The next day -- the next day -- Dareus showed up late to another team meeting and got benched for the first half of the season finale against the New England Patriots.

Dareus' track record is bad enough when you don't consider the dates.

That he can't seem to learn a lesson immediately after getting punished for a big mistake is downright astonishing.

  • watchthegame

    Above any sort of law.

  • Ray Haight

    Needs a mentor.

    • Tahoeny

      Needs a monitor.

      • dajeep

        On the ankle.

    • WeAreTheNormal

      Perhaps needs a shrink. I wonder if any of his behavior can somehow be attributed to his brother's tragic death. It doesn't excuse his stupidity, but it may explain it.

      Or he's just an idiot.

    • Bill W

      His mother should just slap him up side his head...that oughta knock some sense into him!

      • Dexter_Morgan_II

        his mother died and so did his dad and his gramma who raised him,,and a brother

  • ralphyboy

    And the Oakland Raiders East ride on. Time for some tough love. Must be he doesn't like the stadium. Better build a new one.

  • Quaker

    Cut his arse. He's another Marshawn lynch.

    • bugmenot2013

      Yeah, whatever happened to him? Total washout.

      • jwdundee

        They'll cut him. The Bills are far more concerned with moral victories than accomplishing any real winning.

  • Tahoeny

    Another college football player treated like royalty and BMOC... probably never graduated.

  • danny boy

    When he realizes money isn't everything (or losing his career), it's going to blow when he finds out that he's just another dumb-a$$ n_ _ _ _ _.

  • Frank Buxton

    The only thing worse than this is that the ego of Sully, as hard as it is to imagine, will swell even larger.

  • Otis

    He'll need to get traded to the Packers so Rodgers can get him some car insurance. "Discount Double Check."

  • Austin Hood


    • bugmenot2013

      ::says hello to Austin's cat::

      • 25 Delaware

        Hi Kitty *wave*

    • Frank Buxton

      Jeez, this blather makes me almost side with Sully's insensitivity towards these youngsters.

      • Austin Hood

        Blather? No not at all. It's the Gospel Truth. These young kids are rich beyond their wildest dreams and they don't realize how good they have it. Ignorance of the Law is no excuse, nor is a poor backround. Many people come from terriblel, impoverished backrounds and don't behave like this.

        • Dexter_Morgan_II

          you cannot force mentoring on these players. they have agents and a union and its hands off on a lot of issues.

          • Austin Hood

            Sure you can. You can bench them for ten games in a row, fine them, or simply trade them. There is always a way to get the point across it's done all the time.

            Even if they have to go to the judge and make a reccomendation that he not be lenient in his sentencing for these recent issues.

            And, if the guy proves to be a really hard sell, then you just trade him. Some people just don't want to learn, and that's OK, too. There is always someone else to take his place.

  • darryl bagalia

    really he ought to be ashamed he has been given such a wonderful life by God, my brother-in-law is at Roswell fighting for his life right now and this hes carrying on like an over grown 4 year old when he should be setting an example for kids to follow, I think the judge should sentence him to community service at a hospital so he can be a little more grateful for what he has been giving

    • Bill Morgan

      Darryl I have prayed for you and your brother in law. Life is short and can be very hard, I know I have seen a lot of death and suffering. In that light, I simply see Marcell Dareus doing something illegal, but he is a man and men want to have fun. I street raced for years and loved it. Today's society wants to feminize men and the public schools are doing a great job in accomplishing that.

      • watchthegame

        And if he "simply" kills someone in the process, that would be okay and extremely macho as well? Yikes!

  • Steve Schmitt

    Forget the Bills, the legal system should come down as hard as it can. Maybe a year in jail will clear his head.

  • John Brown

    Seems like a nice, soft-spoken guy from when I met him. Yes, not the brightest. He obviously needs mentors/friends in Buffalo. His view of himself in his head is far different from what he's portraying. Maybe the Bills need to put his rap sheet in front of him and make him realize that the legal system is pretty much down to zero-tolerance, let alone what the Bills tolerance is.

  • Paul Bruhns

    Given his background, I don't think he actually knows any better. He was never mentored as a youngster, and what you see now is the result. He's rich and he thinks it's all because of his ability on the field. Sadly he doesn't understand that's not the reason he got to where he is today. The world is full of guys who had been given a chance in the NFL and pi$$ed it away.

    • watchthegame

      His ability on the field is exactly what got him rich. Clearly it wasn't his brain.

  • Kevin Hickey

    Why I can't believe this young gentleman engaged in bad behavior; back in high school all of the athletes were paragons of geniality!!

    • John Brown

      At sometime, you need to take a little responsibility and grow the f up, especially when you're being paid millions. Being grateful and a little humility would be good for Dareus about now.

  • James Hufnagel

    You're easily astonished.

  • PaulR

    Since Marshawn Lynch left, we've been missing something to talk about in the off-season.

    Thanks for stepping up Marcell!

  • George Winston III

    This is not the end of the world but Daeus needs to grow up QUICK before he implodes from all of this. Things have a way of snowballing and this could get far more ugly in a hurry if this guy does not put a lid on it ASAP.

    • JT

      I had a bad feeling last season when he was getting benched that their was more going on with this guy.And now a pattern of bad decisions has begun.He is surely going to be suspended next season for at least 4 games and maybe more.I wouldnt be surprised if Marrone has run out of patience with him and the Bills cut him loose.

  • 25 Delaware

    What's with this ginormous submenu?

  • Bill Morgan

    Maybe he is simply practicing at driving faster so he won't be late to any more meetings.

  • B H

    And this year coach Marrone brought in even worse characters to the team this year.

    2014 will be know as "Who will be suspended this week for da Bills"

  • e.c. taxes

    Cut the thug now, if not your new #1 receiver (m. Williams) takes it as a 'get out of jail free' card along with the rest of the overpaid thugs in the nat. felons league

  • TheAtheistMissionary

    Two words: release him.

    • TideMan

      Yeah, Release a pro bowler. No team will do that whether deserved or not

      • Sand Ripper

        Aaron Hernandez?

      • TheAtheistMissionary

        They would if they were serious about doing things differently like... making the playoffs.

  • Don Manuszewski

    Three words: San Antonio Spurs. This type of behavior would never be accepted there. Zero veteran leadership on this team.

  • Sumsing Wong

    "Got roids?"

  • RamboJim

    Time to call Joel Danials.

  • El Elegante

    The story fails to mention the race was at 35 in a 30'. Marcel was racing one the many Seniors around one of the many roundabouts in Hamburg. I'm all for keeping him, unless he lost that race.

    • smokyerbuttbbq

      How did you come about this info

      • El Elegante

        When I bought the Brooklyn Bridge this morning, the guy gave me this info as a bonus.

        • smokyerbuttbbq

          I thought so

          • El Elegante

            No you didn't, otherwise you wouldn't have replied no my initial post.

  • Sport Biomechanics

    Dareus single handedly puts the Bills in 3rd place in the 2014 Crime Rankings

  • Mick Palmesano

    The Fast & the Dareus!

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