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Bills linebacker Kiko Alonso tears ACL, probably out for the season


Kiko Alonso is human.

The linebacker, whose rousing rookie performances inspired the Legend of Kiko movement among Buffalo Bills fans last year, is hurt.

Apparently it's bad.

The Bills announced they are gathering information about a potentially serious knee injury suffered while training on his own.

ESPN reported Alonso tore an anterior-cruciate ligament, and he's expected to miss the entire season. A Bills source confirmed to me that the injury looks like a year-ender.

"We have learned tonight that Kiko Alonso injured his knee while working out in Oregon," Bills GM Doug Whaley said in a statement. "We do not have the details at this point, but early indications are that it may be significant."

Alonso's agent, Steve Caric, declined to comment.

Alonso underwent hip surgery this offseason, but the Bills expected him to be fully ready for training camp later this month at St. John Fisher College.

Alonso was a Defensive Rookie of the Year runner-up last season and was named Defensive Rookie of the Month for September. He played middle linebacker, but the Bills thought he would be even more productive by moving him to weak-side linebacker this year.

Alonso finished third in the NFL with 159 tackles, including a league-high 72 assists.

He recorded 10 tackles for losses, two sacks, four interceptions, five pass breakups, a forced fumble and two recoveries.

Players voted Alonso 84th on the NFL Network's "The Top 100 Players of 2014" series.

Analytics site rated Alonso the NFL's 10th-best inside linebacker last season.

  • dp

    SMH! Is there a 1 year rental out there?

    • Mike Michaels

      Yeah Spikes, so at least we have him to help off-set this.

  • Mike Michaels

    This is why Stevie Johnson never worked out during the off-season! Here's hoping for a speedy recovery Kiko, you were the bright spot of the season last year

    • BullGuy

      It's also why Bruce Smith didn't either.

      • Skeptical Inquirer

        Nobody worked harder than Bruce Smith. He didn't practice in camp, because he wasn't trying to win a position.

        • Andrew Y

          Spare me the Bruce Smith stuff. The guy didn't show up for a playoff game. He was a great player, just ask him

    • Otis

      Kiko played every snap last season. Stevie never played every snap of a series.

  • epochMUstee

    crap. and dareus will probably be suspended and you gotta figure at least one other starter going down in preseason. defense is gonna blow

    • Cannibal King

      Defense already blows. I can't get over all the accolades thrown toward our d-line and yet they were 28th against the run. All that pretty crap that Pettine put in last year all added up to squat... 6 wins... again. Meh...

  • Cannibal King

    It's amazing how many athletes get injured working out on their own. This injury sure changes the face of the defense.

    • El Elegante

      Lets hope "working out" isn't an activity like a pick-up basketball game.

      • Cannibal King

        Or a bar fight.

      • watchthegame

        I'm guessing you're on the right track with that. It was exactly what I was thinking. Torn ACL working out alone? Hmm...

  • JackiBoldenypt

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  • Otis

    Talk about waking up to a kick in the nuts.

    • PPS

      Naaa....not even close.....a kick in the nuts is waking up this morning to find out your work is closing and you are probably out of a job.......

  • BullGuy

    Another in the line of Great White Hope linebackers in Buffalo who suffered big injuries. Jim Hasslet, Shane Conlon, Chris Spielman, Bryce Paup -- they all played hard and had big injuries that shortened their careers.

    • Paul Bruhns

      great white hope??? are you for real? get a grip you dinosaur... this is the 21st century.

  • Polish Prince

    One linebacker doesn't make a defense. They will find a free agent to plug in. The D will be fine.

    The Bills problem is the anemic Offense. If Manuel doesn't make a major step up, and keep the D off the field, the D will have the same struggles it had last year.

    Speedy recovery Kiko!

    • Paul Bruhns

      I hear you P Prince, but please don't equate Byrd's faking, malcontent, team dissing, buffalo hating, absenteeism with this. I think the defense will miss Kiko way more. He never quit and the team fed off that too. This is a much bigger deal than (and I'll deliberately mishandle his name) the Jarius situation.

    • Andrew Y

      Sorry, but this is going to seriously hurt the team. I have been worried all along about his body breaking down, and it sounds like our worst fears have been realized. And I don't think the Bills played better without Byrd. That's false.

  • FedMart

    He was crossfitting

  • You can’t handle the truth

    Buffalo fans: Masters of the doom and gloom. Every team loses a good player to injury each season. Great teams find a way to overcome it. Bills fans, on the other hand, use it as an excuse to justify more misery. You people have got to be the most negative fans anywhere. There are a number of cities who would love to have your team relocate there. You probably deserve for it to happen.

  • Otis

    Early reports indicate Kiko was injured breaking up a fight between a Grizzly Bear and a Great White Shark.

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