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Trump on his chances of winning Bills ownership bid: 'Very, very unlikely'


Donald Trump isn't likely to win the bid to become the next owner of the Buffalo Bills.

So says The Donald himself.

"I would say the chances are very, very unlikely," he said on Fox News Monday night in an interview with Greta Van Susteren. "Because I'm not going to do something totally stupid -- maybe just a little bit stupid, but not totally stupid."

Late in the wide-ranging interview she inquired about the possibility of him becoming an NFL owner.

Bids are due at 5 p.m. today for prospective owners of the Bills, and Trump says he'll be one of those bidding.

Trump's comments about the Bills, in their entirety:

"Well I'm looking at a team and we'll see what happens. I don't know. I'm also somebody that likes to buy for the right price , and right now you see pricing of certain types of assets -- including real estate assets -- they're going through the roof. I like buying things. So we'll see what happens. I'll put a bid in and we'll see.

"The team is Buffalo, as you know, and we'll see what happens. Everyone knows I'll be doing that. I'll be bidding. But many other people will be bidding. 

"And, I would say the chances are very, very unlikely, because I'm not going to do something totally stupid -- maybe just a little bit stupid, but not totally stupid." 

Later in the interview he added:

"The NFL has done a terrific job and it's exciting ... and terrific people, I know many of the owners, they're really terrific people. Look, it's going to be one of many bids. There will be many bids and we'll see what happens."

The complete interview is available for viewing here. The discussion regarding the Bills begins at the 6:05 mark.

  • WHAT?

    Tune changed pretty quickly, didn't it?

  • John B. Skip


  • Jonnno

    Translation: I am going to put in a low ball bid and hope I can steal it. I never pay full price for anything and I'm not about to start now.

    • El Elegante

      Sounds like every other Wnyer, he'll fit right in. Because he's wealthy he should overspend? Lame post bud.

  • Bill W

    Someone is going to over pay for the franchise (over $1 billion) just to satisfy an ego. What did PT Barnum say, "A fool and his money are soon parted."

    Of course, with the amount of money we are talking about, I wouldn't mind being that fool!

    • BuffaloRepatriate

      No...that was Thomas Tusser, a 16th century poet. "There's a sucker born every minute." is attributed to PT.

      • Who is this, really??

        That could very well apply to this story as well.

  • BullGuy

    Translation: I'm going to put a low bid in and when it's not accepted, I'll say I tried but the selling price was unreasonable but at least I got my face and name in more newspapers and that's what I'm all about. Or something like that.

    • Jonnno

      You got it.

    • W.T. Beef

      It's a metaphor for "I'm running for governor as long as I have no competition for the nomination".

    • eskimo0101

      I called this when he first starting talking about the Bills and people actually believed he was serious.

    • WeAreTheNormal

      Amen, brother. He talks a good game to build himself up and afterwards he just let's everydown else down.

  • david6380

    He's right about the real estate market, it's in something of a bubble again, but that doesn't change his willingness to talk and not act. In fact, when he talks, it's a sign he's not serious.

  • George Winston III

    How soon we forget Robert Rich's comments when he essentially bowed out of the competition to purchase a MLB expansion franchise and bring it to Buffalo. For several years this man did everything right, built an entire farm system, drew over a million fans to the Buffalo Bisons on at least consecutive seasons, and was generally considered to be a front runner for being awarded a MLB franchise. upon his arrival that year to the owners' meeting, he learned the league had announced the new franchise fee for an expansion baseball team, it was staggering. He made a simple announcement at that time, something like, "Baseball at any cost is not an option." His multi year quest, his dream to bring MLB to Buffalo was over in an instant. I have always considered Mr. Rich to be a wise man and still do.

    • nflworstteam

      his daddy wouldn't give him the $$$, that's why bobby rich couldn't buy a MLB team

      • George Winston III

        You very well may be correct. But when the league announced the cost of a new baseball franchise back when, it was well beyond everyone's anticipation and as well as their wildest dreams. I don't think anyone will beat out Mr. Pegula, he simple has way too much liquid assets. I also do not trust Bon Jovi, says he will not move team but has been looking at stadium sites in the Toronto area. Talks like a politician.

  • Night Heat

    A casino owner cannot own a NFL team!

    • William

      He doesn't own Trump Plaza... he sold the casio, building and rights to the name a few years ago.

  • Paul

    Trump is a blowhard who never intended buying the Bills. He craves the spotlight and just wanted the attention.

    • Rick Hutchinson

      Right,he just wants to participate and he'll throw the bid to squirrel away.

  • Colden Hills

    Hopefully when the sale is done and over with, it keeps this blowhard out of the news until his presidential exploratory committee starts up in a year or so....

  • Rich

    I think Trump is out of his depth, he has money but not the kind that will buy the Bills. To a save face he goes in with an absurd low bid, it gets tossed in the garbage, and Donald continues to make a fool of himself.


    I wish Mr. Trump well. If he's really going to buy the Buffalo Bills, then walk the walk and stop talking. I'll be happy to see the Bills stay here in Buffalo, whomever buys them is irrevelant. We all want them to stay here, so let's pray that that's what happens. 😀

    • Who is this, really??

      "We all want them to stay here,..." NOT EVERYONE wants them to stay.


        Must you be so picky? It's a matter of speech...geez!! I haven't met anyone who didn't want the Bills to stay here.

  • B H

    Latest translation:

    They not only want real money but MY money and I really don't have any of that.......what a BLOWHARD he is ! ! !

  • D Swain

    Go Trump!

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