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Jimmy Kimmel last night: 'If the Bills go to Toronto, we're going to war with Canada.'


Yesterday was a big day for the Buffalo Bills, right through last night's late-night talk shows.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host and guest Daniel Radcliffe (of Harry Potter fame) discussed Radcliffe's brief recent stay in Buffalo.

Radcliffe told Kimmel about a passport problem he had in Toronto, which necessitated his trip to Buffalo.

Radcliffe recalled how he talked with a "lovely woman who was helping us" about the possibility of the Bills leaving for Toronto, and the woman said, "I really don't know what this town will do if they ever leave."

Kimmel then interjected: "If the Bills go to Toronto, we're going to war with Canada."

The two also touched on the origin of "Buffalo" wings and various uses of the word "Buffalo" in discussing Radcliffe's short visit.

Here's the clip, which is also available here:

  • ben richards

    This guy could be so much funnier; the writing talent is certainly there. He just spends too much time on banal bits involving his relatives and his diminutive security guard. Even Letterman's Larry Bud Melman was used sparingly, which elevated the character's humor value.

  • goggles pisano

    You'd think that if there was was a war to be waged it would be Canada declaring on the US for the Sabres' insult to the game of hockey.

    • Come On Man

      Wow... Love the haters! I am sure there is plenty of real estate in the Toronto area. I'll help you find a good agent and pack...

      • goggles pisano

        Where is the hate? That was FUNNY. Can you not laugh at yourself? I can.

        • Come On Man

          Good thing, cause you seem to be the only one laughing. Oh, FYI... That usually means your joke fell flat.

          • goggles pisano

            I am going with the silent majority theory.

    • Ralph Wiggum

      I see you're forgetting that the Maple Leafs also suck.

      • goggles pisano

        It was a joke, and a good one at that. Lighten up and do not be so literal. Relax.

        • B_716

          Try not to pull a muscle from patting yourself on the back.

        • Greg

          When you have to tell people that your own joke was good... chances are it wasn't.

          • goggles pisano

            Some people need a little extra help.

  • TJDestry

    Better beer, not that much longer a drive.

  • Michael Barrett

    Bring Jimmy Kimmel to Buffalo!

  • No_Illusions

    Fenian Raids 2014 style?

  • Michael Carrato
  • B_716

    Stop the presses, someone said "Buffalo" on TV!

  • Memetic

    If the Bills go to Toronto Canadians get a "thank you" note.

  • ibiwisi

    Kimmel: laughing with us or at us?

  • Jason Scott

    You tell 'em Jimmy!

  • Jamal Johnson

    bills to toronto

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