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Poll: Who is your choice to own the Bills?


  • goggles pisano

    So, what is wrong with the Toronto Bills? Seriously? Still close enough to drive to the games a whole 8 times a year if you are such a REAL fan, an opportunity to spend time in a world-class city and save WNY Billions of dollars in stadium and ancillary costs. I drive to Toronto, Cleveland and Pittsburgh for events all the time. Car-pooling a 20mpg vehicle's fuel costs would add maybe, MAYBE, 5% of your ticket/food/refreshment budget. I drove with 7 other guys to the Minneapolis Superbowl and had an awesome time. We can have our cake, eat it too, and let someone else pay for it. A match made in heaven.

    • Patrick Blake

      The NFL is a league of felons that can't get into Canada.

      • goggles pisano

        What sports entities, pro, ncaa, ioc, fifa aren't?

    • Billy Pilgrim

      All good points. I counter with f*** Bon Jovi and f*** Toronto. Keep the Bills here.

      • goggles pisano

        Compared to Ralph Wilson and 6 AFL/AFC Championships in 54 years is the new megalomaniac owner really material?

    • randyJ23

      You don't think that WNY re-coups the costs and then some through ticket, merchandise and salary taxes, plus the MANY other jobs that are created by having a team here?

      • goggles pisano

        Economists say no.

        • randyJ23

          No they don't. In your original statement you say it would save WNY BILLIONS of dollars of stadium expenses. They spent $95 MILLION, not BILLION, in upgrades for a 10 year lease. That was the County and the State COMBINED. Could you explain where the Billions comment came from? That is $9.5 million per year. You don't think having the Bills here creates that much in added revenues? This is not a one-time event like a Super Bowl or the Olympics - this is an ongoing team - that has people living here, providing ongoing jobs, ongoing tax revenues, etc. The Bills players alone - not the owners, the administration, coaches, trainers, staff - just the players - pay nearly $8 million a year in state income taxes. There are other costs for sure, but there is other income, too. But please, show us something that proves your point. Your constant complaints about how awful it is to have the Sabres and Bills in town on virtually every story about either one of them is getting old. Please share something that backs up your point of view for a change.

          • goggles pisano

            Here is the USUAL support of my position: If we Build the stadium, provide all upkeep, renovations, upgrades, security etc etc and get no piece of the pie it will, as with Rich Stadium over the decades, cost us BILLIONS. THE MEASLY few millions in tax revenue is chump change. And it was all our money in the first place not going to LOCAL concerns. Elimate tax payer based jobs the $8/hour vendor and parking lot positions 8 times per year are beyond irrelevant. Huge financial loss for the taxpayer.

          • randyJ23

            So no economists at all - just your perception. The stadium is already built. I can't imagine the county building another stadium at this point. I CAN see Terry Pegula building one, maybe even with some county input. But, if you look at the status quo, the county and state get more income then they spend total - including upkeep, renovations, security, etc. It is tens of millions per year, not BILLIONS - capitalizing it over and over again won't make it true. The revenue is also in the tens of millions per year, but by every report, the "measly" chump change you mention is more than the expenses paid out - and these are direct income items, not secondary or tertiary income items. Look at the actual numbers, not your idea of what you think it is like.

    • Polish Prince

      Not sure, ...and what would be wrong with the Orchard Park MapleLeafs?
      To most sports fans in WNY, the Bills are Buffalo, nuff said.

      • Adrienne Campbell

        I wish I could like this comment a million times. "Orchard Park Maple Leafs".....LOL.

      • goggles pisano

        So true and so sad. A community gets its identity from a foreign owner, foreign management, foreign coaches and foreign players. The only reason they are here is our money. No connection of any kind. 'Take our money and love us', pure prostitution. Sad.

  • Jan Reimers

    If you didn't vote for Pegula, you are really silly. If you voted for toady Bon Jovi and his Toronto buddies, you are insane.

    • MaoSayTongue

      Rich should own the team; he should've owned it to begin with.

      His dad built Rich stadium on spec--and got ripped-off by Welfare Ralphie.

  • Otis

    Trump at 6%? I didn't think he could vote for himself more than once.

  • Jimbuffalo

    I voted Trump only because it would be great to see his hair vs. Jerry Jones' face during a Bills Cowboys matchup

  • Ralph Wiggum

    I would be the best owner. Please donate money to me to fund my endeavor.


    It would be great if Mr. Pegula becomes the new owner, and Mr. Jacobs is able to build the new dome stadium, hopefully strategically situated near the waterfront.

  • MaoSayTongue


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