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Bills defensive tackle Alan Branch arrested; source says it was drunk driving


Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Alan Branch's turbulent summer took yet another sudden dip.

Bills coach Doug Marrone revealed after today's preseason loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that Branch didn't play because he had been arrested.

Marrone said he couldn't provide any details. State Police confirmed it arrested Branch.

A Bills source told The Buffalo News the arrest was for drunken driving, but no location or time was provided.

"It was reported to me that he was arrested," Marrone said in his postgame news conference. "I'm going to meet with him tomorrow. I found out somewhere around noontime, midday. I just had too much on my mind.

"I tried to call him, couldn't get ahold of him. But I wanted to get ahold of him some other way, so I got ahold of him through other people and just said, 'Hey, I'll meet with you tomorrow.

"But that's all I know for a fact. I can't say anything else."

Branch was at the Bills' walkthrough Friday at St. John Fisher College.

Marrone excused him from today's obligations but wouldn't speculate about Branch's future with the Bills.

Branch was one of the Bills' top free-agent acquisitions last year and signed an extension after the season. But he didn't attend voluntary offseason workouts and failed his conditioning test when he reported for training camp.

He didn't enter last week's exhibition against the Pittsburgh Steelers until well into the fourth quarter and played alongside third- and fourth-stringers.

  • Jeff

    Well, that was $3.1 million that no one needed.

    • Mickey

      Think of all the 40/40s that nitwit can buy with that dough!! Whoooooooooooyeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

  • Dave

    As usual, the Buffalo News has their act together. This was reported by ESPN a minute ago. WGR550 has no information about this. They are supposed to be the go to website for Bills news. They really are very sluggish about reporting breaking news. I have been following the sale of the Bills very closely and quite frankly i get more information from BN and John Kryk from the Toronto Sun. Wgr550, channel 2, channel 4 and and channel 7 have incapable sports reporters.

  • BuffaLoPro

    How many dwis for the writer of this piece? Seldom see him out sober.

  • Uncle Kevin

    Anyone breathalyzer EJ this pre season???

    • repomania

      Maybe he should play drunk. His accuracy would probably be better.

  • Polish Prince

    The whole team played like it was drunk. Marrone has lost this crew.

  • Austin Hood

    Well, at least the guy was tackling something. Even if it was just a case of booze.

    This is what we pay these guys a minimum of $500,000 apiece for. To drink and drive and so they can't find their own rear ends with radar on the football field.

  • jwdundee

    Your life would take a downward spiral too if you got traded to the Bills.

    • El Kabong

      Free agent acquisition- he twice chose to sign a contract with the Bills.

      • WHAT?

        Facts don't matter to jwdundee. They might disturb his world view.

        • jwdundee

          You're close to an original thought right there. Dig a little deeper.

      • jwdundee

        I stand corrected. He must've been on the sauce the whole time.

  • repomania

    Is Dave and Buster's open till 2 AM? Sounds about his mentality if he drives drunk and was in Clarence.

  • Wayne Lester


    THE Doug Marone/ Nathaniel Hackett/ EJ Manuel Experiment is over and We, the Buffalo Bills fans, have had enough.

    We, the Buffalo Bills fans are offically protesting by refusing to pay the team and the NFL to see an inferior football team, which has given our good city of Buffalo and the surrounding subburbs a bad reputation throughout the USA.

    Buffalo Bills Fans.

    To join this protest like this comment... and don't forget to spread the word.

    • Vidiot

      I'll wait to see the first four games.

    • B H

      I think you hit the nail right on the head....the team has a lot of talent but no NFL QB on the roster, not to mention no NFL coaching either.

  • Odell

    The AP story said the police noticed him because he was puking out the window of his car. This guy has been a total waste since the Bills signed him to the big contract extension and let field goal blocking machine Alex Carrington walk.
    Well, cutdown day is Tuesday.

    • Teddy Kielbasa

      Dump all the morons.

  • Austin Hood

    This guy has a three year, $9,300,000 contract with the Bills with $3,100,000 guaranteed and the contract runs to 2017.

    For that kind of money he can't hire a driver if he's too loaded to drive?

    Fine him $1 million dollars for his drunken episode. That will get his attention real quick.

    • Teddy Kielbasa

      You got it right.

  • Teddy Kielbasa

    I say that the msximum age for an NFL playercis 25. That way when a player does something stupid you can blame it on youth.

  • Molson Cree

    What a waste product this guy is. After he signed the extension, he probably figured... cool I've got me some job security, time to sit back, do what I want and just coast. What a POS.

    • Clyde

      Right? Just like those POS teachers when they get tenure.

  • don’t ask

    junk him

  • Guest

    Half the team has charges pending against them.

  • Buffalo Shark

    getting trashed hours the night/morning before the game. Just the type of player I'd expect in this town

    • cheektowaga

      Surely he was depressed every Bills fan... about the departure of Mike Pettine!
      Cleveland looks ...good at Quarterback

  • AGM1

    Why wasn't this guy in the team hotel and meetings where he should have been. That a team and league mandate. Fine him, then, cut him on Tuesday. That over priced contract he signed could have bought us a seasoned quaterback or rookie QB with real potential we are in desperate need of.

    The NFL isn't nor doesn't have time for this type of unprofessional rehab. Nor should "we the fans" be paying for it either.

    I'm looking towards the Hamburg Court date Sept. 2nd for Marcel and friend.

    That case will be another national ESPN slap in our fans and city for unprofessional immaturity. Oh, It will cost the Bill's coaching staff nightmere's as these clowns mess up the final roster and if suspended cost some good guys who made the cut as splot if these clowns return to the lineup.

    • Odell

      Better yet put him on one of the non-football related suspension lists they have, also do a thorough drug testing on him. Bar him from team practice facilities. Let him get even more out of shape while the other NFL teams set their rosters and then cut him so he'll have even less chance of signing with another team than he does now. Some good old time vindictiveness would be a good example to show the other players.

  • Wayne Lester

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