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Live blog: Tampa Bay Bucs at Buffalo Bills, 4:30 kickoff


News Sports Reporters Tim Graham and Jay Skurski provide updates from today's preseason game at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Kickoff is at 4:30 p.m.

  • Wayne Lester

    I keep looking Forward to the TAIL END of a good playoff season... BUTT all I find is an EJacAZZ... I dont know about you but im NOT looking forward to another game of pin the 6-12 season on the Donkey... "IT'S TUEL TIME"!!!

    A Bills Fan since 1978.
    Prediction for Bills- Sucs game: Bills lose by 6 points.

    • Gizman26

      hey lester you sound like a 6 year old. from a guy who has been going to every bills game for 40 years,shut your pie hole! you and the boo birds dont like the Bills good for you ! go pick apples on Sundays and leave us fans and and our Bills alone. you dont speak for me or for that matter any Bills fan blow hard!

      • Wayne Lester

        Another EJ-acker who has gone blind... how sad.

      • Lloyd M. Jr.

        Why don't you take time to understand his point? If you keep enabling the excuses at One Bills Drive, they'll continue doing the same old BS. Take a stand that calls for accountability and withhold support from the Bills until they get it right again; it would do your mind good.

  • rome middlesex

    ejs dominating

    • Polish Prince

      Yes, for Tampa

    • Art Vandelay

      Yup. Staring down primary receivers, missing easy throws, can't read a corner blitz....dominating!

      • rome middlesex

        lol he dominates 2nd stringers put him in ring of honor

  • Polish Prince

    It's only the First Quarter but I have seen enough.

    Time to cut EJ Manuel. He simply can't make an NFL pass and IS NOT AN NFL QB! He is a worse passer that Vince Young.

    Marrone must have indigestion....Time to make a trade for Kirk Cousins

    • rome middlesex

      they should of addressed qb situation in offseason........ decent staff will be fired for being stubborn to bad

      • Polish Prince


  • rome middlesex

    remember when the lions had a mutiny to get rid of Joey Harrington, it might be time? time for a leader in locker room 2 step up

    • Polish Prince

      But don't worry Buffalofan4life will soon be along to tell is how good Manuel is.

  • Delusional Cheerleader Fan

    Gotta support the team! Be positive! This is our time! BILLieve! We have faith in you, EJ!

    • repomania

      Sarcasm right? He looks awful, but that's not surprising. He lacks the "it" factor and it is very obvious. Plus his accuracy stinks.

      • Delusional Cheerleader Fan

        And how. Cut bait

      • Delusional Cheerleader Fan

        I mean: TAlkin' proud! The Bills make me wanna SHOUT! THIS IS OUR TIME!

        • repomania

          LOl, Yep, our time. Can you imagine being a fan that really cares or thinks it matters?

          That would really stink.

  • repomania

    I am shocked anyone is surprised about EJ's play. But then again, if they read the paper or listen to talk radio, you would think EJ is the next Joe Montana if you give him time.

    Um, he stinks at things that time won't heal.

  • repomania

    EJ will pad his stats and the fanboys will forget to tell you it was against backups.

  • Jeff

    I know it's preseason, but this is awful. A total embarrassment. But soon
    we'll have new owner, and hopefully they'll be as good as the Sabres
    are. Oh, I'm sorry, my bad. Wasn't thinking clearly. ....

  • Jeff

    You know, Marrone is going to take some heat. But these players have to be held accountable too.

  • rome middlesex

    I hope Chicago starts their 2nd string d baby

  • Art Vandelay

    A Dennis Dixon sighting,..wha????

  • Austin Hood

    The average salary of the Buffalo Bills ranges from $16 million down to $495,000 a year.

    Now, with all due respect, $500,000 a year is more than many people in the professions earn. Don't you think they could win a few games?

    It's not like they are being underpaid or anything.

    Buffalo is a sports town. They ask the tax payers to front millions of dollars to rebuild the current stadium, and now they want millions more to build a new stadium.

    The average fan, who probably earns no more than $40,000 a year, pays at least $98 per game or more.

    So, what is the Bills problems? Excuse, after excuse after excuse, with guys making $500,000 a year? Why?

    • Andhra Pradesh

      Are the Bills making more than the other guys?

      • Austin Hood

        My point is that they are well paid. The low man makes $500,000 a year. That's at least TEN times the average salary a fan makes.

        The least they could do is win a few games. How hard can it be to train extra hard? Why have a team at all if they can't win?

        What are they doing that they can't win? What's wrong with the coaches and the trainers that these guys don't know what they are doing?

        They ought to cut everyone's paycheck to $50,000 a year and then pay a bonus of $50,000 for every game they win. If they don't win, then, that's too bad. Then they have to live like the average person a regular salary. That would wake them up real quick.

  • rome middlesex

    when front office doesn't address most important position this is what happens

  • William Kyriakakos

    Pre-season is hard to use to judge a team. The Niners are having a terrible pre-season and so did the Superbowl Bills teams. Yes I know it's hard to compare our team to those teams but still, I would take this with a big grain of salt.

  • goggles pisano

    Yeah sure, Billion for the team Billion for the stadium. The boys in red and blue are sure making me look good.

  • Wayne Lester


    THE Doug Marone/ Nathaniel Hackett/ EJ Manuel Experiment is over and We, the Buffalo Bills fans, have had enough.

    We, the Buffalo Bills fans are offically protesting by refusing to pay the team and the NFL to see an inferior football team, which has given our good city of Buffalo and the surrounding subburbs a bad reputation throughout the USA.

    Buffalo Bills Fans.

    To join this protest like this comment... and don't forget to spread the word.

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Vic Carucci returned to The Buffalo News as a Bills beat reporter in September. Carucci covered the Bills for 17 years before joining as a columnist in 1999. Prior to rejoining The News, he spent three years as a senior editor for the Cleveland Browns.

Tim Graham returned to The Buffalo News in 2011 after covering the NFL for three years at ESPN and for one year at the Palm Beach Post. Before that, the Cleveland native spent seven seasons on the Buffalo Sabres beat for The News and was president of the Boxing Writers Association of America.

Jay Skurski joined The News in January 2009. The Lewiston native attended St. Francis High School before graduating from the University of South Florida.