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Jim Kelly in NYC for biopsies today


Jim Kelly is back in a New York City hospital today to undergo biopsies to determine if more treatment is necessary to fight his oral cancer.

Last week's trip to Lenox Hill Hospital’s New York Head and Neck Institute in Manhattan yielded "great news", as doctors said that upon physical examination, there was no evidence of the cancer.

Scans he underwent last week in New York City indicated chemotherapy and radiation treatments have been effective. Today's biopsies will determine if further treatment is needed.

Last weekend, Kelly thanked fans and supporters for all their well-wishes.

  • rightwingprofessor

    Just curious, don't we have a supposedly reknowned cancer institute right here in Buffalo, why does Kelly keep having to go to NYC for treatment?

    • Tell it like it is.

      Because Roswell is ranked 50th by the U.S.News best cancer centers in the U.S.

      • L Ahrens

        I know many people that were treated and survived because of Roswell, hopefully you never have to be put in that position

    • Austin Hood

      Because when your life is at stake it's always better to get a second or even third opinion.

      Further, it was the first group of doctors who worked on him and then the problem recurred after nine months.

      The bottom line? Always get the second and third opinions. It doesn't hurt to ask and it could save your life.

  • purpledaisy

    Major typo BN: "...there was evidence...". You mean "was no". Today the biopsies will yield whether there is evidence! Ouch.

    • Keith McShea

      The typo has been fixed and will correct soon here. Our apologies & thanks for pointing it out.

      • purpledaisy

        You're welcome. Don't worry, part of what I do for a living involves typing, and I make plenty of typos myself. Part of being human.

  • Steve

    And Jim Kardashian is back after a 2 day break. I was going crazy waiting for the next great revelation from drama jill

    • Nmc1496

      What the heck is wrong with you? You'd better hope that karma doesn't exist if you're being sarcastic about somebody's cancer.....

      • Steve

        Since I have survived my own I will be as sarcastic as I choose to be. I will take no guff from you or anyone else. Frankly sick of this kelly crap already and I will give my opinion of this loser family of drama queens as freely as you you give yours., When I address you directly then feel free to comment otherwise keep your karma crap to yourself.

        • joedunlop

          I can understand if you are "sick of this Kelly crap". However, the headline clearly states what the story is about. If you are so sick of it, why do you choose to click on the article and then even go as far as to comment on it? Why don't you just ignore it if you don't like it?

          • Nmc1496

            Because he likes to start "drama".....while he complains about it in other people:) You can only hope that this person is in junior high or grade school....but I'm afraid not. v Pathetic.

        • Nmc1496

          I call bogus....nobody who has survived a true cancer scare would be as blasé about it as you...
          Surprisingly, I can comment to you any time that I want also....I find it interesting that you choose to read and comment on the "drama" family.
          Some life that you must have.

        • joedunlop

          By the way....the article did not "address you directly", so keep your crap to yourself

    • L Ahrens

      why comment or reply if you are so sick of hearing about it? For you to make any sort of comment means you are reading the stories and watching the news. Don't bother doing either if the "drama" is too much for you.

  • anonymous

    Go Jimbo!

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